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Christopher Trebing

Congratulations to our May and June

Teachers of the Month...

Dynamic Duo CompTIA IT Fundamentals Teachers Christopher Trebing and Kevin Phelan!

Chris and Kevin have been volunteers with the Education and Workforce Development team as a volunteer teacher (CompTIA, GED, ESOL), substitutes, and tutors!  In August, they begin reviewing and studying for the CompTIA ITF Certification exam so they would be able to teach the CompTIA IT Fundamentals class by the winter.  While balancing demanding schedules, tutoring and teaching for our programs they were able to earn their Certificates and become CompTIA Instructors.


This winter they also helped organize and run a Workforce Development Workshop for Careers in the IT Field which was a success.


They both have dedicated countless hours to our program and student needs.  The time spent on earning their ITF certifications, improvising and giving live demonstrations and running labs to best support our students, recording class videos for a YouTube playlist to help students review, additional lessons to review before students take their exams, and much more.  They are a dynamic duo and have truly improved the success of our CompTIA program.


Chris and Kevin truly make a difference. We sincerely appreciate their support of our programs and for their leadership.  Thank you gentleman for all that you do.


We wish you best of luck with your summer studying and plan to challenge the CompTIA A+ certification exam this fall!

Kevin Phelan


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Student Contribution

Story/Poem from our

Manassas Beginner 2 AM Class

We went for a walk in the park. 

The family go to visit the park. 

They walk with their baby. 

The babies are sleeping in their cars. 

It's a summer day 

walking under the shade of the trees. 

The day is beautiful. 

Is nice day. 

The day is cloudy. 

The park is nice. 

They wear sportswear

And walk happy. 

Students were given a picture. Then a paper was given to the first student. That student had to write a sentence to start the story, then pass the paper on to the next student. For 6 students and passing the paper around 2x, this was the result of the story- which definitely sounded nice enough to be a poem.