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Congrats to Christina, our May Teacher of the Month!

Christina joined EWD in Fall 2020, where she began teaching our Distance Education Child Care 2 class. During lockdown she found herself with some extra time amidst raising three teenagers who were also engaged in distance learning from home. Christina has been very committed to teaching two hours per week helping her Child Care students complete their course and supplementary training.


In response to student requests, she provided Saturday tutoring to Child Care students who were falling behind due to struggles with their English language level as well as technology challenges. In the Winter 2021 semester, she gave even more of her volunteer time and additionally taught a two-hour ESOL class for 12 weeks.


We are grateful to have Christina on our teaching team, and to all teachers who give of their time and talents to serve EWD students!

Winter 2021 

 Semester dates

Distance Education Session 1

January 7 - March 25

English (Tu/Th All levels), CompTIA, Citizenship


Distance Education Session 2

February 3 - April 22

English (Mo/We All levels), GED Prep, ESOL For ChildCare,


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Distance Education Teachers

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Spring 2021 

 Semester dates

Distance Education Session 1

April 13 - June 30

English & Citizenship (Tu/Th), CompTIA (Mo/Tu/We)


Distance Education Session 2

May 3 - June 30

English (All levels), GED Prep, ESOL For ChildCare,

Citizenship, CompTIA - All classes 3 days per week, 2 hours per class


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