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CCDA Program Resources

(teachers please start here)

GED Educator Handbook (2023)

  • GED Practice Test - Complete exam 

  • GED Exam Prep - study guide and notecards, daily questions, and practice test 

    • Instructions for this site: Once you click on the link, scroll down to three (3) colored boxes called "Study Mode", "Free Daily Question", and "Test Mode". Anything else could be ads or other websites. 

CCDA Introduction: GED teacher guide
General overview flyer
Free classroom materials

GED Math
GED typical class flow image.JPG


Lessons and Resources:​​

Language Arts
Lessons & Resources:

Social Studies

Lessons & Resources:

  • GED Social Studies Study Guide

  • GED Social Science Practice Test  - make sure to only have the boxes "Science" and "Social Studies" selected

  • EL Civics - Resources for ESL students on Civics and Government, US states, and more. 

  • GED Social Studies List of Resources (work in progress)


*Please remember to record all your curriculum/lesson preparation time as well as additional professional development hours as volunteer hours served.  See the Report Volunteer Hours page for more information.                                                                                                          Report Your Volunteer Hours at                                                                                                               

GED-Lead Trainings​

  1. (October 2021) GED Trends in Students’ Knowledge and Skills Gaps–Mathematical Reasoning, Part 1 Webinar  

  2. (November 2021) GED Trends in Students’ Knowledge and Skills Gaps-Mathematical Reasoning, Part 2 Webinar

  3. 2023 Trainings TBD

Resources GED Shared during Webinars 1 & 2:​

Math T4T Session1 PPT

Math T4T Session 2 PPT

Calculator Sheet

Assessment Target Comparison Chart 

GED Study Guide Math

 Math Skills Calculator Prohibited

Math Formula Sheet


    1. (June 2022) GED Knowledge & Skills Gaps Science​ 

    2. 2023 Trainings TBD


  1. (February 2022) GED Knowledge & Skill Gaps Social Studies​                                                                                                        Social Studies Resources From The World Wide Web                                                                                       GED Knowledge & Skill Gaps Social Studies PPT

  2. 2023 Trainings TBD

CCDA-Lead Trainings

  1. GED Work Session (Feb. 2022 DE Ongoing Teacher Training Session) - Test Taking Strategies

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